All Yoga + Meditation Classes

All Yoga + Meditation Classes

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All Yoga + Meditation Classes


  • Slow Flow with Jen

  • Power Flow with Cassie

  • Gentle Flow with Chris

  • Slow Flow with Cassie

  • Restorative Yoga with Jen

    Allow the props to support you as you take an introspective and quiet journey into the postures. As we fully let go into the postures we allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. Bring ease and calm into your day. All levels welcome.

  • Yoga + Arms + Core

    Build strength in your arms and core with this beginner friendly yoga sculpt 20 minute practice! It is recommended to use 5 pound weights for beginners and 10-15 pound weights for added intensity. Get strong and flexible with yoga + weights. This practice can also be done without the addition of ...

  • Gentle Flow with Jen

    Gentle yoga practice perfect for beginners or those wishing to unwind and stretch out. Enjoy this 60 minute practice suitable for all levels.

  • Yin Yoga with Jen

    Enjoy a 60 minute yin practice to release congestion and improve flexibility. All levels.

  • Full Moon Slow Flow with Jen

    Embrace the energy of the full moon with this 30 minute practice! Move swiftly in a mandala style around your mat honoring the energy of the moon. All levels.

  • Metta Meditation Loving Kindness

    Metta meditation to cultivate peace and loving-kindness to self and others. Maitri or Metta means benevolence, loving-kindness, friendliness, amity, good will, and active interest in others. All levels.

  • Gentle Flow on the wall with Jen

    Gentle Flow practice on the wall provide additional support and grounding to enhance peace and inner balance. All levels.

  • Gong Meditation 2

  • Gong Meditation

  • Gong Meditation 3

  • Wall Class - Strength & Ease

  • Absolute Beginners Workshop

    Fully guided beginners practice with additional explanation and discovery throughout the class. Jen discusses the meaning of our hand mudra in Namaste, chanting, drishti and alignment basics. All levels.

  • Yoga + Arms

    Yoga + Weights with the focus on arms! Build strength and ease!

  • Prenatal + Postpartum Restorative Practice

    Restorative practice focusing on prenatal and postpartum sequencing and considerations during pregnancy. Helpful class and tips for anyone looking for a restorative practice during illness or having upper respiratory symptoms. All levels. Blankets/pillows needed for this practice.

  • Slow Flow with Natalie

    Breathe and move to create space and ease with this grounding 30 minute slow flow practice.

  • Slow Flow with Natalie

    A practice to build strength and joy into your day. Enjoy a fully guided 20 minute asana practice. All levels.

  • Yin with Natalie

    Enjoy a 20 minuteyin practice to stretch and lengthen. Perfect for those needing a deep stretch to round out your running or walking schedule. All Levels

  • Slow Flow with Travis

    Slow it down with this 30 minute practice to build strength and ease into your day.

  • Power Flow with Jen

    Move through a short 20 minute power flow practice to ease tight quads and build movement into your day.

  • GentleYin with Margaret

    40 minute gentle yin practice, Enjoy longer yin holds and some yang shorter stretches to ground and bring ease. All levels.