359 Yoga Virtual Studio

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Welcome to the 359° virtual yoga + meditation + wellness studio. We are excited to have you join us and are committed to delivering you meaningful and inspiring content from the comfort of your own home. We invite you to roll out your mat, take a deep exhale and find a quiet place to connect with yourself. May you find ease and joy throughout your journey and seek comfort in the rich world that lies within you.

  • Outdoor Yoga

    4 videos

    Join our outdoor classes as we move and breath together. Find a peaceful place outside or inside, unroll your mat and develop strength and ease into your day.

  • Practice with Veronica

    2 videos

    Enjoy yoga + self care rituals to bring a deeper sense of relaxation and movement into your day.

  • Practice with Megan Slattery

    3 videos

    Enjoy an outdoor summer yoga + mindful meditation practice with Megan! All levels!

  • Practice with Heidi

    1 video

    Fun energizing Yoga Sculpt flows to torch calories and build strength! Full body workouts targeting all the major muscle groups, classes can be done without weights but recommended 5-10 pounds for maximum benefit. All levels.

  • Practice with Pauline - Barre

    3 videos

    These classes combine classic ballet, movement and technique with yoga, and pilates, following the tempo of music to create a fun, full body cardio workout. You will learn ballet body alignment, while strengthening and increasing flexibilityin their legs, core and upper body. All levels and all e...

  • Practice with Margaret

    3 videos

    Enjoy a series of practices to unwind and build strength and joy into your day. Margarets classes will leave you feelings grounded and joyful. All levels.

  • Practice with Travis

    4 videos

    Enjoy the strength and power of Travis's creative flows that will leave you feeling strong and calm.

  • Practice with Natalie

    4 videos

    A series of practices to ground and bring movement to your day. Create strength and ease in your body. All levels.

  • Sacred Wave Gong Meditations

    3 videos

    Enjoy a deep sound therapy meditation with Christopher Davis from Sacred Wave Gong Immersions. Christopher Davis is a Gonglier and Sound Therapy Practitioner. His gong medtations are suitable for all and will take you into a deep meditation to enhance relaxation, insight and creativity. You can j...

  • Yoga + Weights

    3 videos

    Build strength in your arms and core with this beginner friendly yoga sculpt 20 minute practice! It is recommended to use 5 pound weights for beginners and 10-15 pound weights for added intensity. Get strong and flexible with yoga + weights. This practice can also be done without the addition of ...

  • Restorative Yoga

    2 videos

    Allow the props to support you as you take an introspective and quiet journey into the postures. As we fully let go into the postures we allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over. Bring ease and calm into your day. All levels welcome.

  • Practice with Jen

    13 videos

    Enjoy a variety of classes to move energy, create ease and build a strong foundation for your yoga journey. All levels welcome and modifcations given throughout classes for injuries and mobility challenges.

  • Practice with Cassie

    2 videos

    Develop inner balance of strength and ease. Fluid flows to inspire you to stay committed to your asana practice.

  • Yoga on the Wall

    2 videos

    Enjoy the grouunding and supportive addition of a wall with your yoga practice. All Levels

  • Meditations

    1 video

  • Yin Yoga + Meditation

    3 videos

    Yin + Meditation, slow down and unwind with deep restorative yin postures followed by a guided meditation to enhance sleep and reduce stress. All Levels welcome!

  • Practice with Chris

    1 video

    Enjoy a slow journey through postures to build, tone and find ease with Chris.

  • All Yoga + Meditation Classes

    50 videos